Career Coaching Packages & Services

Career Coaching Packages

The below packages have been developed to provide a full yet flexible career management program. The Comprehensive Track and Fast Track are the most popular coaching packages, however, if you need more or less coaching to meet your career goals, we will create a custom package that is right for you!

Resume Packages can be included in the coaching package – ask for details.

Comprehensive Track Coaching Package

We will take the time needed to clarify where you are now and what you are looking for in your career, and then together we will create a successful job search strategy. A career needs assessments will be used to uncover your strengths, personality traits and passions. This discovery process will help determine a career path that will fulfill your professional and personal life and leave you thankful and excited to begin every day.

Once your career goal has been targeted we’ll move forward in job search and career management coaching. Coaching includes sessions on interview preparation, online presence development, job search strategies and network management. Process usually is completed in 8-10 coaching sessions.

Fast Track Coaching Package

For the professionals that know where they want to go and just need help finding the fastest and most effective way to get there. This package offers everything you need to execute a successful job search including online presence development, interview preparation, network management, and job search strategies. Process is usually completed in 6-7 coaching sessions.

Career Explorer Coaching Package

This process will identify your strengths, personality traits, passions, and key accomplishments. Discussion and support will help you explore and identify careers that are in sync with your skills, interests, personality, and expertise. Package includes examining your commitment, confidence and eliminating roadblocks. This package usually is completed in 2-3 coaching sessions.


Individual Career Coaching Services


Interview Preparation Coaching

Being confident in your interviewing abilities is half the battle of nailing an interview and having an offer delivered. We will focus on preparation and tools to improve you before, during, and after interview advantage. We will improve strategies for answering the expected and unexpected questions. Includes research techniques, salary negotiations, follow up and more. This process is usually completed in 2 coaching sessions.

**See the Resume Services page if interested in having a LinkedIn Profile developed – a must have in today’s competitive market.

Job Search Strategies & Network Management Coaching

If you haven’t had to look for a job in many years or just getting started and not sure where to begin, you have come to the right place. Here you will realize the many job search tools and resources available to succeed in your job search and grow your network into a focused marketing campaign. We will work on ways to research positions, companies, geographical locations and industries to help you find the jobs that fit your goals. This process is usually completed in 2 coaching sessions.

Career Coaching Process

Career coaching is a partnership that focuses on the client’s need for understanding their career needs and goals, and the process of a well-defined job search. Discovery and exploration using assessments, tools and coaching will help clients gain clarity and a plan to achieve their career goals and forwards their professional and personal fulfillment.

When clarity is revealed on the right career path, we can continue with coaching and move into the development of a job search plan. Coaching can include online presence, interview preparation, job search strategies and network management.

While coaching is used a majority of the time, as we navigate through the career management path there will be times when consulting, advising, instruction and education are implemented to inform clients of opportunities, processes, tools and resources that can be vital in a successful job search.

Both coaching and consulting will be used during the journey to provide clients with everything they need to garner an effective job search. Preparation forms and materials will be sent out and returned completed before each session to ensure the coaching sessions will be productive.